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SPP Biz-Matching

The One-on-One Business Matching session, will offer over 5000 meetings for nearly 200 participating companies in a 3 day period. Programing and Development executives invited from the major kids network and distribution companies will attend private 20 minute business meetings.
As we offer pre-arranged interactive meeting schedules, attendees can make their market more efficient. Get ready for targeted networking that could move your project forward by leaps and bounds.

Date/Time, Venue, Participants
Date/Time July 15(Mon) ~ 17(Wed), 2019, 09:00~19:00 *7/15(Mon) 10:00~
Venue Millennium Seoul Hilton, Grand Ballroom(LL Floor)

Business Professionals in the area of Cartoon, Webtoon(Webcomics), Animation, Character Licensing, Broadcasting, Investment and Distribution

How to participate

Step 1. Registration for Biz Matching

Complete application form to participate in SPP Biz Matching

  1. SPP Website
    [Register Seller/Buyer]
  2. Agree to Terms
    of Service
  3. Complete
    Application Form
  4. Mypage
  • · Content producers → ‘Register Seller’
  • · Invited international (domestic/overseas) buyers → ‘Register Buyer’

Step 2. Project Screening


  • All sellers must upload more than one project to be eligible to participate in online Biz Matching.
  • Please enter accurate and detailed information about the projects as the uploaded items will be an important determinant for future meetings with buyers
  • [Report] provides screening information of the buyers regarding the uploaded projects.


  • All buyers must be approved by administrators to browse projects and participate in Biz Matching.
  • All buyers could add items to My Playlists while browsing projects for the future reference during the Biz Matching.
  • All buyers could request Biz-Match and send messages to the producers while browsing projects.
  • [Report] provides information on the projects each buyer browses and screens.

Step 3. Biz-Match Request


  • · Tel : +82-2-3455-8358
  • · Fax : +82-2-3455-8328
  • · E-mail : kdkim@sba.seoul.kr